King Neptune's End

Our first game, "King Neptune's End". Plairs had to tail suspects to get information... and strut their disco moves!

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anamri: Merry Christmas Plairs!!
anamri: WELCOME to new site member - JererHome!
Patches: mmm... smells good...
Dt. Alden Law: I smell awesomesauce cooking!
anamri: We had a great time at our HUNGOVER event! Thanks for playing, Plairs!
anamri: Be there - Sunday the 24th @ 9pm Eastern! Message "DetectiveLaw" on the PS3, to get a club invite.
anamri: Be seeing you soon, Plairs!
anamri: PSN has scheduled maitenance for the day of the Crimescene challenge... Stay tuned for the new time and day!
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Party night for KNE

The opening of King Neptune's End. Plairs decoded "twin speak" to gain entrance into the game.

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The Horror of Home

At the end of "The Horror of Home", The Plairs banished an evil creature that was doing away with Home denizens!

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